Who Are The WWE Champions?

*Monday Night RAW

WWE Champion John Cena WWE Champion John Cena: (October 25, 2009) In A 1-Hour Iron Match where anything goes and if John Cena was to lose, He would have to leave RAW FOREVER, He was able to beat Orton in the last 3 seconds of match. Score: Cena 6 – Orton 5

 The MizUnited States Champion The Miz(October 5, 2009)- 24 hours after Kofi Kingston had successfully defended his United States Championship at Hell In A Cell, The Miz was granted another shot at The Title By RAW Guest Host, Ben Roethlisberger and which Miz Won the match


 Jericho and Show Unified WWE Tag Team Champions Chris Jericho and The Big Show:  (July 26, 2009) – After beating Edge and Chris Jericho beat The Colons and Legacy just 4 weeks earlier, Chris Jericho had to find a NEW partner after his former partner, Edge was injured and was put out of action. At Night Of Champions, Jericho revealed his NEW partner, The Big Show as they took on Legacy and came out with the win. LAST DEFENSE: October 4th, 2009 at Hell In A Cell (Jeri-Show vs Batista and Rey Mysterio) 

WWE Divas Champion Melina:  (October 12,2009) – With Guest Host Nancy O’Dell, and with a Tri-Brand Divas Trade, Melina beat Jillian Hall in a quick second to become WWE Divas Champion


  ECW Champion Christian: (July 26, 2009) After weeks of trying to become ECW Champion again, Christain full-filled his dreams after countering a DDT and turning it into a killswitch to pick up the win. LAST DEFENSE: September 13th at Breaking Point (ECW Champion Christian vs William Regal)


*Friday Night Smackdown


 World Heavyweight Chmp. The UndertakerWorld Heavyweight Champion The Undertaker:  (October 4, 2009)  After making a surprising return at Summerslam, and having a ScrewJob match at Breaking Point, The Undertaker finally put The “StraightEdge” Champion CM Punk To Rest as he defeated him at Hell In A Cell.


Intercontintal Champion John Morrison Intercontinental Champion John Morrison:   (September 4 2009)-In an impressive victory over The Former Intercontinental Champion Rey Mysterio, Morrison picked up the win to become champion. LAST DEFENSE: October 4th at Hell In A Cell (Intercontinental Champion John Morrison vs Dolph Zigglar)



Michelle McCoolWomens Champion Michelle McCool:  (July 26, 2009) – Even with the crowd not on here side, Michelle McCool wouldn’t let that stop her as she beat the former Womens Champion Melina at Night Of Champions.  LAST DEFENSE: October 2, 2009 on Friday Night Smackdown (Michelle McCool vs Melina)


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27 05 2009

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19 06 2009

hey guys nice job. you need to update ECW champion but this is still great!

29 11 2009

hola me encanta john cena lo amo le ando saludos a todas los dias

1 12 2009

a cena don’t make nobody take that wwe championship im out hope you beat shanus at TLC please beat im out say hi to your girl

7 01 2010
hind sabiri

john cena et batista et tripl etch tres tres belle

6 02 2010

i love miz

9 02 2010
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