My Background

Formerly known as RacerXBoi, I took that name because I ran track in Charlotte, North Carolina. So I ran with a Team Called Carolina Mustangs and we’d call ourselves RacerXBoi or RacerXGurl and stuff like that. So a few years later, The Head Coach, Trent Guy Sr. Died. I was very mad and emotionall at the same time. But anyway, you can still call me RacerXBoi or what ever but I’m From Columbia, South Carolina. I’ve been watching Wrestling For Quite Some Time If You Would Say. My Favorite Wrestler is “The Game” Triple H. My Favorite Tag Team Is D-Generation X. If there is any questions you would like to know, please comment.

Still know as lilkyree36 or now Yung Futuri5tic I have been watchin wrestling since i was 2 and it has become apart of my life. I was born and raised in Columbia, S.C. my faviorite wrestler is Rey Mysterio my faviorite is The Hardyz well that all FOLKS!!



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